Too Many Damn Experts

With the growth in Social Media, it seems that the growth in the number of experts has also increased dramatically. it seems that so many of the photography Facebook pages/groups are suddenly the ones who set guidelines for someones else’s creative expressions. In fact a lot of my post on The Photography Experience are the result of some “expert” telling photographers the way it is to be done. Such as in the sRGB vs Adobe RGB debate, there actually is not one correct answer since so much of it depends on the users knowledge and workflow.

As I just read earlier about an article entitled “10 of the most common editing mistakes” and just about puked at the writers attitude that his feelings are the way it is and anything else is incorrect. I know that the whites of eyes are not stark white, but if I want to present an image with bright whites in the eyes, then thats what I wanted to do. I don’t care for full blown HDR, but dammit, if I like it, then thats my choice for presentation. Fact is that thousands HDR images full of super color saturation are posted on Facebook everyday, and people love them.

And Oh My Gosh… no one can tell someone else what is too much contrast. If the person likes the contrast in the image they present, then thats what they want or like or are happy with. Have we forgotten about the days when shooting high contrast litho film in our 35mm camera was cool? Get off your high horse and either like an image or not like it, you sure as heck are not the one to say it is wrong. I see tons of images now that look like they have been soaking in lemonade for a week, and I don’t care for them, but if the artist and the subject are happy… then but your ass out.

Too much skin smoothing seems to be one of the hottest of topics… there again… if the subject is happy with the final image and you got paid or whatever reward you got from it… Then that’s the only ones you have to please. There again I don’t care for the plastic looking skin, but I didn’t take the image and process it, so my opinion is just that… my opinion. And to spare repeating an old saying… Opinions are like…. well you know the rest.

I look at lots and lots of photography every day and in my opinion there is a lot of images that I feel are incorrect… but the throngs of peeps love them. The camera is just a tool to gather the originating bits of the image to be presented. However the artist wished to present the final image is of their own choosing, not yours.

If… a photographer comes to one of you experts and asks how to make their image better, then maybe you can toss in some tidbits of advice, but since you are so hellbent on thinking your method is the only correct one, I kind of feel sorry somewhat for the aspiring artists who seeks to learn more and asks the experts for answers.

Most of any factors of your image really doesn’t matter unless you are selling or gaining revenue from your images. And there again, it is the client you need to please and not some expert on his high horse. And there again, some buyers who like and pay for over saturated HDR, plastic smooth skin, high contrast, lens flare, and whatever else you can claim to be wrong.

In presenting art… there is No Such Thing As An Expert. It is an artist statement.