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Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

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Breakfast overlooking St. Barthelemy started off yet another banner day. And using my favorite quote “today is the first day of the rest of your life” as the catalyst for todays agenda. A ride on the tender over to the pier, and I was in what seemed like a small town in France. Of course I was in the French West Indies, so I guess it would be rather “frenchy”. Very narrow one way streets lined with designer name shops and sidewalk bistros gave me plenty to walk through. I toured many many blocks of shops and then came across the angelican church where I went in to have a chat with God about letting go and accepting certain recent misfortunes of life. I then ventured up to the top of a hill that has some sort of light house looking structure and two vintage canons of Fort Gustavia. What an awesome view from up there, and a strong breeze felt very nice in the heat of the day. I even took off my shirt for the walk back down into tow. You may be thinking whats the big deal about taking off a shirt… well remember this is French country, and the only overweight people are American tourist...

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