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The Adventure To Pisa

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Out of all the adventures from 30 days in Europe, one that took a lot of blind faith and confidence in my adventure skills was the trip to the Tower of Pisa. Leaving the ship onto the shores of Livorno, Italy after my usual morning breakfast in the Veranda restaurant, I walked about 10 minutes into town to the bus stop and got aboard bus #4. I knew from the ship staff that bus 4 would take me to the train station. And so I find myself on bus 4 and for about one euro I rode for about fifteen minutes or so to the train station in Livorno. Not knowing a single word of the Italian language, I did have some concerns about me actually arriving at the tower without any difficulties. It was pretty easy to figure out which bus stop was the train station since the bus pretty much emptied out when we stopped there. Like the rest of the passengers I proceeded into the terminal and was wowed by its age and historic appearance and the visions of train traffic from the many years it has seen began to run through my head. Overhead hung a large board with information on departures and arrivals much...

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