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Too Many Damn Experts

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With the growth in Social Media, it seems that the growth in the number of experts has also increased dramatically. it seems that so many of the photography Facebook pages/groups are suddenly the ones who set guidelines for someones else’s creative expressions. In fact a lot of my post on The Photography Experience are the result of some “expert” telling photographers the way it is to be done. Such as in the sRGB vs Adobe RGB debate, there actually is not one correct answer since so much of it depends on the users knowledge and workflow. As I just read earlier about an article entitled “10 of the most common editing mistakes” and just about puked at the writers attitude that his feelings are the way it is and anything else is incorrect. I know that the whites of eyes are not stark white, but if I want to present an image with bright whites in the eyes, then thats what I wanted to do. I don’t care for full blown HDR, but dammit, if I like it, then thats my choice for presentation. Fact is that thousands HDR images full of super color saturation are posted on Facebook everyday, and people love them. And Oh My Gosh… no...

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