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The End of C-41… or pretty close to it.

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Just a few months ago I was testing some old film cameras to see if they still functioned properly, and subsequently took the exposed film (C-41 process) to Walgreen’s for developing and scan to cd. Never really thought about how much longer this service would be available… I guess we just always figured that someone was doing it. I was certainly glad to know if I wanted to shoot some color film, I could get it processed and scanned. Until Now!!! As I just wrapped up shooting a roll of Kodak BWC (Black & White C-41) and went to the Walgreens I had previously had process my film. And to my surprise it appears that Walgreen’s no longer does this service “in-house” anymore. In fact said it would be about a week before I got the film back. Funny thing is that when I first got into photography, that waiting a week to see your results was quite normal. Unless you shot and developed black & white film and printed the images in your own darkroom. But in the age of gotta-have-it-now, it seems that even waiting an hour to get film processed and then scanned to a CD is too long of a wait. Since I had purchased a...

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