Seasons in Life & Seasons in Creativity

We go through life at a pace in which we don’t notice the gradual changes that happen to us until they have already happened. And then we act like we are amazed that we let ourselves get a certain way or to a certain place in life. When we get to those places where we have noticed a big change, then we refer to those time periods in life as seasons. Fot some people the seasons are very long, some can be very short and some can have a mixture of season lengths in their life.

Of course I have marked various seasons in my life, but I have also found that I can also pinpoint differences in styles and subjects in my art. And have several markedly different seasons in my creative life as well. In fact, I think its a good thing for an art person to evaluate their work every now and then and see if they think they could improve upon it in some way. And so many times, we seem to even totally change the style or the subject themes we use.

As I look back over the years of playing with cameras I can see various gaps in the production of works. And in fact there was a time when I virtually didn’t make any exposures at all except for commercial stuff for advertising. But for the ease of keeping it simple, I shall begin with a random bunch of seasons that strung together the stuff I produced until I opened Gallery 1 in 2004. Up until that time I just did art shows and other venues in co-operative type environments. The initial display of works in G1 were comprised of things I had produced over a scattered period of years, but obviously, if I hung it in G1, then I must have had enough pride and confidence in it.

I have looked at pictures from Gallery 1 and actually still have about 3 or 4 pieces actively hanging in Gallery 5, but for the most part, I have gone a couple seasons of change since then and dont offer most of those works any more. But living in Florida, the changes and the down times are not on a schedule much like they are for me here in Tennessee. As it seems when it gets really cold and winter sets in, that I dont do much new works. So I end up spending the winter making inventory for the upcoming year and begin to get critical of things I may have overlooked during the process of works in the busy season.

And so today after spending most of the day vacuuming up cat fur and tinkering with my track project, I decided to go on a walkabout. And a multipurpose one at that, since I wanted to get some exercise and start chipping away at the extra pounds that found its way to me. I also used the walk as a personal reflection to see where I need to focus any certain efforts in the coming months. I also did something I havent did in a while photographically… and that was to shoot with the 60mm micro lens. It seems that the zoom lens has overtaken the good old fashioned 50mm fixed length “normal” lens. In fact, a zoom is the new normal.

My mission to capture on this walk would be things that are so much overlooked due to their small size mostly. I was sort of going back to my roots of photography, since back in the day, my lens of choice was not the 17-80 that it is today, but the 55mm micro. ?So as i walked about contemplating the things of life I managed to capture a few tiny things that seem quite interesting to me when brought into the viewfinder. ?I only wish it had been a lot sunnier so I could have shot at f/32 instead of f/18, but I still managed to get a few scenes I was happy with.

In actuality my latest season has began a week or so ago when I started the “Daffy Series“, as I foresee several series coming from the glass of doctorsid this year. With the Daffy Series already online in the web shoppe and some pieces of it hanging in Gallery 5, I have also began the Tweetie Series and would imagine quite a few more multi-item series to be produced.

I will also continue to look at my current works and try to see where I would make changes and adaptations to keep my works looking as distinctive as I can. I have found that most of my success in seeing my works go to other homes is because that it is not typical photography that anyone with a camera can capture. Just as you look at a piece rom Vincent Van Gogh, I want to have that style of creativity that makes my work something your typical iPhone shooter just can’t capture.

I am sure I will find myself looking around the gallery and figuring out which pieces will get to stay in rotation and what ones will become the “online only” pieces. I welcome this new season and all who come to Gallery 5 and adopt a piece for themselves… and especially those repeat-adopters… You Rock.