Newness, Life & Death in One Scene = Life Also

As I look at my newest landscape “Tree Fog”, I see a very much different aspect of my art as it was years ago when I began. Life also contains the various stages-of-life aspects that this art piece does. Even the range of color is, while rather limited, at the same time it is also quite full of shades. As I had set out to capture the fog in some way make it in my style.

Due to the processing I may feel the need to do on my images, sometimes it is not so easy to depict an atmospheric mood.

After quite a bit of processing hours to get the “visual confusion” just right, I had reached a point where I can personally look at my other landscapes, and rate this as one of my very favorites, mainly due to the intriguing visual confusion this one seems to offer. There is just something about those dead tress

The similarity with chapters, events, history and so forth… of life itself, this piece has even more deeper values embedded in the image itself. We have a past that is behind us. But there is no going back to that youthful or any days prior to the one you are in today. And there will be also things bright, smaller yet, and very new to our life. It could even just be a simple change in diet, but at least there will be lots of new growth that some of it will continue on. Growing deeper in color and larger as time wears on, seeming so far more mature than the other stages we have encountered. And yet we use the trees that are lifeless and brittle, as our guidelines for future growth.

And so… our life has a various supply of events and chapters, just as in the various stages and types of vegetation growing (or not growing) in “Tree Fog”

bottom line is…. when art speaks to you…. it’s a good time to listen

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