Gwad Loop or Gwad Loop Aye

I have always thought that Guadeloupe was pronounced with a “loop ay” sound at the end, but down here they actually just say the last part “loop”. Actually if you were to ask me before this cruise where on the globe that Guadeloupe even was at, I would have been at a loss for an answer. You will notice in todays photo snippits that I did not post a breakfast pic since right at breakfast time for me this morning (about 8AM) a sudden rain blew threw and I ate inside the Veranda Restaurant instead of outside. But it did blow by quickly and I was on the deck of the boat enjoying the slow cruise into the harbor for a noon arrival.

This island was the most indigenous as far as shopping goes, than all the ones before. The shops were filled with a lot of tie-died stuff and crafts made by the residents. And most of them didn’t even take U.S. dollars, but of course credit cards were ok. Since we got there right at noon, the place was pretty well closed up till 2:30 or 3, as for they take lunch break from noon to 3… yes the whole island does except for a few eateries. So I scouted the area and then bought a 24 hour WiFi pass and surfed the web a little and updated Facebook. So if you were around you spotted my update from the street cafe where I had some pizza with a few of the staff from the ship. When the shops opened I took camera in tow and captured a sampling of images from the island.

I have been capturing on average between 150 to 300 images a day since on board the ship. A lot of those are just stock images for future media I will produce for my client Fine Food & Wine Most of the images have just been snapshot material, since there are lots of cars and other people in the way it is difficult to visualize and stage out some basis for art pieces. But I am sure that within a month or so, you will see several Caribbean works in my online gallery.

Tonight was the second of the two dinners prepared by celebrity chef Jason Wilson. I t was another five course meal filled with stuff I could barely even pronounce as I read over the menu. And tomorrow is a beach Bar B Que on Pigeon Island before heading back to Barbados tomorrow night to bring this lifetime adventure to a close. I am very thankful to a couple of special friends that made this possible to help me get here and take care of my kitties.

And to the many friends that suggested I still go on the cruise no matter what seemed to take the wind out of my sails. It was only fitting I guess that I sail the Caribbean on a big ship with giant sails. I have learned several things about myself and life and other people over this last week. There is even a blogger from Seattle on the cruise, Linda Nicholson from her blog But I┬ádid hear her tell some others that she was not blogging daily and was saving it till the end. I guess maybe I beat her to the punch… but No, I really didn’t. Her blog will be more about the cruise and the food and probably not her own spiritual retreat. If you are wondering if today was another power day…. well if you read yesterdays blog, and I told you that I bought a shirt today as well, then you know the answer to that.