Does the Passion Diminish When It Becomes Your Livelihood?

While not everyone, but a whole lot of people have certain things in life they are quite passionate about. For many it is some type of hobby such as collection something, painting, crafting, photography and much much more. Have you ever dreamed and wondered what it would be like if you lived out doing your hobby as your everyday job?

And for some, we manage to make some hobby money off of our part time hobby. Maybe its a weekend wedding shoot, or a portrait for one of your neighbors, or do you keep your friends cars running good because you like tinkering with engines.

For those that are fortunate enough to live out our passion in our career, we have two options: One, being you get a job for a company that you get to perform and pursue the hobby/job with them paying you. Or the Second option, that you go out on your own and make your own payday and all that wonderful stuff people think happens when you own your own business.

For me personally I have enjoyed it both ways, as previously working for a studio do remote studio set up/shoots and as Art Director for Shutterbug Magazine. It allowed me to stay immersed in the art of photography and yet get paid by someone else. Plus have vacation time, sick days and insurance, something thats gonna be like buying gold when you are the one signing the checks.

As I look at the new stuff I have been working on the the amount of new works this year compared to many of the previous years put together… I have produced much more, both released to the gallery, for social networks or just as base images I need to refine some more.

In the end, for me it is NO the passion for created visual arts has not diminished at all, and could possibly be deeper than when it all began about 40 years ago.