Black & White Film Workshop

There are countless amounts of Photography Workshops and Schools out there, all claiming to show you how to use your new digital camera or get better at taking photos. But wouldn’t you like to go back and explore some of the roots of photography and dive into the aspects of shooting film.

The Photography Experience will offer Workshops in Shooting and Developing Black & White Film. The workshop includes information about camera settings and exposure, a roll of Tri-X film, use of developing tanks and chemistry… plus scanning your freshly developed negatives to a CD.

If you do not have a 35mm film camera, The Photography Experience has one you can use… So now you don’t have an excuse. If you have always wanted shot shoot and develop black & white film, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

As an added bonus, the works of the participants of The Photography Experience B&W Film Workshops will be featured in the next issue.

For more details and sign-up information