Being Backwards Compatible

We seem to always want our products to always be compatible with older models and so forth. Such as in software, we like for the new versions to be “Backwards Compatible” with the old versions so that a person with either the old version or the new can open the same file.

Yet we do not seem to be very backwards compatible when it comes to our own habits and uses of products. For example, just how many times have you wondered how we ever got along in life without cellphones or how did we ever interact socially without networks like FaceBook? Sometimes these progresses and new things in life render us almost useless if we have to go without them again.

As technology has continued to progress and cause either the elimination or upgrade of our useful products, we seem to forget all about how it was using the older version. I find this fact now really causing an issue for me since I have been without my DSLR for over a week now and have a serious case of “shutter withdrawl”. Although for most of my photographic life it wouldn’t be an issue to be without a camera body since I have had at least 1 back up body since way back in the 80’s. In fact, when I got back from Europe in 2012, I had 3 DSLR bodies and never having to actually need to rely on one, I didn’t think too much of selling off my entire arsenal to get a new full frame body.

It wasn’t mandatory that I needed to send off my D600 body to Nikon for replacement of the shutter mechanism, but since they were offering to do it for free due to that camera having issues with oil dropping onto the sensor, requiring frequent cleanings, I decided to take them up on the offer. I quickly boxed up my camera and shipped it to Nikon the very day I got notice they would fix it for free.

After a few days went by without even taking a quick snap for a crazy FaceBook posting, I realized I need a backup body again and proceeded to purchase a used D3000 from eBay. Since my revenue comes more from Fine Art than Commercial shoots, I knew I could go without the camera for a short while. And then here comes the spring-like weather and I don’t have a cammie yet to use. The one from eBay will not be here for 2 more days and who knows when my D600 will be back from Nikon.

Now come the test of my own “backwards compatibility” as I venture out with my 40 year old Nikkormat loaded with Black & White film. Since I had already taken both the Nikkormat and the D600 on a photo adventure before in an article for The Photography Experience, I kind of already knew the outcome of the day ahead.

Although you can read the complete comparison I experienced in that article, I can say to sum it up… It is the immediate fix I get after making digital captures that fulfills the photo adventure for me. Since I didn’t shoot the whole roll of 36 and didn’t process the film when I got home, I couldn’t play with the images in the “darkroom” and thus have a somewhat “empty” feeling yet until I see the latent images once they get developed.

Yes, I can go without the cell phone but my backwards compatibility for cameras is not very good and pretty much non-existent.