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The Last Rolls of Chrome

Posted in Film Adventures

I am not one who usually makes “New Years Resolutions”, but indeed on this first day of 2017, I do have a resolution to make… I will not shoot anymore E-6 Color Reversal Film! Just a few months ago I had over 80 rolls of film in my ¬†freezer to have on hand for time when film was simply just not readily available. With about 50 rolls of Black & White and the rest in color slide film, I was prepared for the end of film to happen. During the time of my film build up i also acquired a Leica R4 SLR and Leica Glass, a Nikon F100, Nikkormat FTn, Nikon FE and even a Nikon N65. After shooting about a half dozen or so rolls of C-41 color print film I also had stashed away, I realized that the degree of quality processing just didn’t exist anymore. Or at least if there was fresh chemistry C-41 processing going on, it was very rare and in fact prompted one of my previous post about C-41 processing. During the time of my film stash build up, I was shooting some Tri-X Black & White film and processing in D-76 with quite satisfactory results. I began to expand my film...

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