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Driving A Diesel Locomotive

Posted in Memoirs

Somewhere back in the late 80’s while working at Imperial Printing in Charlotte, North Carolina, I happened to mention to a fellow worker (Calvin) that I had a nice Model Railroad in my apartment. As the conversation went on, Calvin told me he also worked at the Norfolk Southern rail yards and to drop by some night for a tour of some cool stuff. Of course I took him up on the offer and when I arrived he proceeded to take me onto a GM Electric Diesel locomotive, actually there were two of them connected to each other. He showed me into the generators and drive train compartments and then into the cab where the big beast was driven from. After explaining the “dead mans pedal” to me, he told me to have a seat. Before I knew it, Calvin had the thing started up and let me drive the engines forward about 100 yards and then reverseĀ it back and complete a coupling of a line of boxcars waiting to be moved to a new location. That was definitely one of life’s adventures I will truly never...

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