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Walking Through Daisy Town

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Spending a month in Europe a few years ago has really elevated my appreciation and love of old architecture and the many stories of peoples lives that had interacted with those structures. So, when fellow camera peep Bob Clark asked if I wanted to join in on his Photowalk @ Elkmont, I was down for the journey. The Little River Lumber Company established the town of Elkmont in 1908 as a base for its logging operations in the upper Little River and Jakes Creek areas. As the Elkmont valley was slowly stripped of its valuable timber, Townsend began to advertise the area as a mountain getaway. In 1909, Little River Railroad began offering the Sunday “Elkmont Special”— non-stop train service from Knoxville to Elkmont. In 1910, an affluent group of Knoxville hunting and fishing enthusiasts formed the Appalachian Club and purchased what is now “Daisy Town”. They built the Appalachian Clubhouse for use as a lodge and within a few years, several club members built cottages, and the club evolved into a mountain getaway for Knoxville’s elite. Most of the lifetime leases on the rustic cottages at Elkmont expired in 1992, and ownership reverted to the National Park Service. However, in 1994, the Wonderland Hotel and several of the rustic cottages were placed...

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