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Biography – Commercial Printing Journeys

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When I was in High School and had the opportunity to attend the vocational school located in the same building, I jumped on the offer and signed on for “Graphic Arts” class. Since I was already taking the maximum of art classes in my regular curriculum, I figured it was just an additional “art” class I could take. When I had my first day of class and saw all the┬áprinting presses, I realized it was a bit more than “art” but still had an interest in learning the craft. There was also a darkroom for┬áprocessing of litho film and making negatives of the work to be printed. Since I already had my own film photography darkroom at home, I figured this would give me a slight edge on the rest of the class. The teacher saw a quick advancement in my abilities and quickly moved me from the bookwork into the darkroom and onto the presses. I was able to learn a AB Dick 360, Multilith 1250, Chandler & Price Letterpress, Ludlow Lead Typesetter and assorted bindery equipment. Even before the first year of class was completed I applied and got a job running the letterpress department at Modern Press. I had at my disposal a set of 3...

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