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Seasons in Life & Seasons in Creativity

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We go through life at a pace in which we don’t notice the gradual changes that happen to us until they have already happened. And then we act like we are amazed that we let ourselves get a certain way or to a certain place in life. When we get to those places where we have noticed a big change, then we refer to those time periods in life as seasons. Fot some people the seasons are very long, some can be very short and some can have a mixture of season lengths in their life. Of course I have marked various seasons in my life, but I have also found that I can also pinpoint differences in styles and subjects in my art. And have several markedly different seasons in my creative life as well. In fact, I think its a good thing for an art person to evaluate their work every now and then and see if they think they could improve upon it in some way. And so many times, we seem to even totally change the style or the subject themes we use. As I look back over the years of playing with cameras I can see various gaps in the production of works. And...

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