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It’s A Consumer Product, Not A National Treasure

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Wake Up Fellow Photo Artist – Who knows just how many cameras, camera phones and tablets with cameras are out there amongst society. And each one of those image maker owners is a photographer and really doesn’t buy “photographic art” that easily. In the gallery I am working in today for example, there are about seven photographers and five of those sell straight non manipulated photos. Well, I should say, they try to sell… but the fact is that people who have a camera all think they could take the same picture and of course they are not about to buy an image they can make themselves. Then let’s also not forget the ridiculous prices that some photographers “think” their image is worth. As I strolled around last month’s First Friday event in Knoxville, I happened upon a gallery that had several photographic pieces of art. But, I guess the artist didn’t care wether or not it sells, because they had 16×20 matted, framed prints for $400 and up. OMG, give me a break folks, you can get 16×20 photo prints for $10 or less from so many suppliers like Adorama for example. So if you are putting your print under glass in a $300 frame, then you also...

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