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Summer Works from The Mediterranean

Posted in Gallery 5, Photo Journeys

When I first joined the gallery at The Shops at Carousel Gardens, it was mainly due to the showing of my Art of Autos. I was granted the main wall by the cash register on the main floor of the gallery and preceded to fill half of it with my new pieces of automotive art and the other half with the more mainstream stuff like smoky mountain scenes and some assorted other popular works. I did have my doubts about the auto art since I had sold very little of it from my previous gallery out in the Arts & Crafts District, but was wiling to give it a shot. To my surprise I ended up selling about 10 to 2 of auto art to my other stuff. In one weekend I sold about 12 pieces and ten of those were autos. From the middle of May until the middle of June, I was in the Mediterranean touring France, Italy, Montenegro, Croatia and Greece and captured quite a collection of images that was quite unlike my current offerings. Since I had never really traveled that much in life, I didn’t really have a large selection, if any, of travel type images. And now I find myself with hundreds of...

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