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Random Blurbs of an Artist

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I see it has been a while since I added to this blog, but everything is ok. I guess I have been busy, several big projects as well as for keeping the Gallery going everyday. Actually I got so overwhelmed with work that I slipped into a minor stage of “not liking life” but just as He always does the Lord guided me to a couple of movies that I watched with the boys (my 4 cats) and had some eye opening discoveries through watching them. needless to say, I am feeling revived in my outlook on life. To sum it up in a short phrase, I can say this to myself every morning “Today is the first day of the rest of my life”. So anything that is in my life that I don’t like or areas I wish I had gone into, now is the time to change the direction and make the rest of my life what I think I would want it to be like. I have tried to begin slowing down on how much work my Agency does, while at the same time increasing my rates so that I work a little less but make as much or hopefully more. And you may ask...

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